Applications for 2024 are now open! We are excited for our new market season, and you will notice that we have made some changes. Additionally, we would like to highlight some key information.

  • Our season is starting and ending later. Unlike many local markets, our attendance increases throughout the year, as produce yields get higher. We wanted to make the most of this by starting a little later in June and extending all the way through October (Mondays, June 24-October 28).
  • Our hours are always going to be 3:00-6:00 pm. It was confusing for many people that the hours during past seasons changed mid-year, and that our street fairs had different hours.
  • Our market serves a low-income area. The vendors who do best here accept WIC, EBT, and/or Senior Checks.
  • Some specialty items do well here and some don't. It really depends on what the item is, and how involved vendors are with engaging with the public.
  • Consistency is key. Our clients like to know that the same people are going to be here most weeks, and vendors often see their sales increase over time.

Meet Our 2024 Vendors (so far)

(listed alphabetically)